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Mere months after getting a new co-anchor WPLG anchor Jen Herrera has been moved back to reporter as of yesterday. For now Jacey Birch will be in her place anchoring alongside Eric Yutzy until the station decides on a permanent replacement.

Channel 10’s morning newscast has seen quite a bit of change in the last year. A year and a half ago SFLTV first reported Jen Hererra’s promotion to weekday mornings after Kristy Krueger moved to anchor the noon and afternoon newscasts. And in March this year Local 10 suddenly removed anchor Jason Martinez from the anchor desk, and paired Herrera with newcomer Eric Yutzy.

And from what we hear, there may be more changes in store for Channel 10

photo: @JenHerreraTV

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  1. I am glad this was addressed as I noticed Jen reporting lately. Does this mean she was demoted? Whatever happens, and I know most people with disagree with me but keep Julie and clean house with the rest if needed. Keeping Jacy in the mornings is fine with me.

    • Are you kidding? Must be a male thing, like to see those Barbie dolls with your morning coffee. Julie Durda has the worst delivery, her voice is a monotone and she does not make her forecast even slightly believable. She loves the camera, but she needs to do something that emphasizes her looks, not pretending to forecast the weather. And Jacey Birch, if she continues at morning anchor, I will definitely be going to NBC. Jen Herrera has an awesome delivery, I guess she just didn’t dress sexy enough for the morning ratings. And though I like Constance Jones, it is apparent she was made to make improvements to her body, hair and wardrobe. Channel 10, you have made a mockery of the morning news, which started when you got ride of Scott Padgett at Weather. You are constantly flipping people around, and it’s never known whose going to be on the news from one segment to the next. Unsettling, as we viewers tend to like the routine. Kristi Krueger was and still is the best anchor. You have missed the mark in many many ways. Though I won’t watch the Today show since that debacle 2 years ago with Ann curry, I will now have to watch Pam Giganti and Jawan Schrader on NBC, as they are steady and easy to watch.

      • I totally agree, only I left a couple of months ago for NBC6. When Jason Martinez was dismissed, I had to go, Jenn was the only person worth watching on WPLG. Eric Yutz is all teeth and no substance, Julie Durda is a Barbie Doll who talks like chalk on a blackboard.

      • I have to agree with Peg… I can’t stand to watch the early morning news… Eric Yutsy is clueless as a reporter with little or no credibility… Leave JC with her lost pets – she’s good at that but not co-anchor… Julie Durda looks like a hooker on some shows – her dresses are barely below her waist – who dresses them… The weather lady acts like a giddy kid… Heading over to NBC until there is an alternative… Sorry…

        • I agree with all of you, Jen Herrera is my choice for the mourning anchor. I too have move on to another network. In my opinion, the Chanel 10 producer got it wrong. Sex and all that makeup does not sell news. Or maybe it does, it sold me right out of your morning news cast.

  2. Sorry for Jen, but I always thought she was too into herself and always had this forced smile on her face. I am happy to see Jacey back in the morning. They need to keep Jacey on and remove Eric, MJ, Constance and Julie. Time to bring real and professionals news anchors and meteorologists to their team. They did a great job with pairing Janine and Victor in the afternoon. Too bad Jason is gone. He should have been next to Jacey in the AM. And how about moving Trent back to weekdays. Hopefully WPLG big shots are revamping the mess that was created in recent years.

  3. So, if Jacey was doing weekend evenings, and is now on weekday mornings and Jen isn’t doing weekend evenings, who is on weekend evenings? I never watch the evening news, so I have no idea (maybe I’ll have to tune in tomorrow night!)

    • Jacey is filling in until they select new person or whatever else they are doing with the morning program. Carlos Suarez has been doing the weekend on his own..I actually think he does a better job when he is a solo anchor.

      My feeling on the Jen move is that it has something to do with her recent announcement of a health issue she has.. She is a great anchor and news person and has really progressed over the years. I wish her well.

  4. Good. They are finally dismantleing the freak show over there in the morning. They should send that jive ass Eric back to south Detroit or whereever he came from. So annoying with that phony smile and acting hip like he is auditioning for TMZ. Throw in some of the most incompetent reporters they have hired and you can understand why they have to look up to see bottom for ratings. Adding Julie did not give them the bump they expected because the rest of the misfits are so bad. No one in our office, over 40 employees, watches 10 newscasts.
    When hardly anyone showed up for their health fair at a mall months ago the management got a rude awakening as to how unpopular their news personalities really are. Acosta was a clown.

    • Wasn’t the health fair at aventura mall ? To not have anyone show up in a major mall is bad very bad 10 has enough good people there they just need the right management to put the right teams together

  5. I wonder if Jacey was moved off the weekends to separate her from her boyfriend Trent. Have you seen their Facebook pages? They are smitten like a couple of gooney teenagers. But Trent has already filled in for Julie one morning this past week, so who really knows?

    Anyway, Jen Herrera has always rubbed me the wrong way–from the beginning as the traffic girl until now–so I hope they bury her on the weekends again and not have her rotate in the early afternoons or fill in for Laurie. But even without her I agree the morning show is a trainwreck: Eric the Yutz is godawful and I actually feel sorry for Julie watching her wardrobe grow sluttier and sluttier.

  6. No surprise. The station demoted her months ago from the evening news because her numbers were so low. What made them think viewers would like her anymore in the morning? The managemnt is just like Obama. They are guessers not administrators who appoint the wrong personnel to the wrong position. Her elitess additude coupled with her valley girl news delivery is such a turn off her next stop will be stay at home mom.

  7. Jacey is a good addition to the morning team. They actually should build around her. Get rid of Eric for sure. I just wish WPLG would give Scott Padgett a call and beg him to come back to Channel 10 (It’ll never happen). Jason Martinez left WPLG to go back to California to be closer to his sons. Constance Jones is ok for the traffic. Jen Herrera just never fit, but Eric is the worst. Julie is ok, but her lack of inflection in her voice doesn’t work (on tv in the morning).
    I see WPLG just hired a new weather woman, I wonder where she fits in.
    NEWS FLASH: Replace Eric! Give Jacey someone to work with.

    • That “Eric” grates on viewers. He is a reporter not anchor material. As long as he is there you can stick a fork in the morning news show because they are done. It is not a matter of “IF” it is a matter of “When” they dump him. Their sweeps numbers tell it all.

  8. Jacey Birch and Eric Yutzy have great chemistry. Stop hating on him. He is better than Jason Martinez who tries so hard being a comedian while delivering the news and later became arrogant. Ch.10 made the right choice replacing Jen Herrera who was boring and thought she was better. I like Jen but the attitude and trying to fit in the morning did not work.

  9. The poor production and undesirable on air personalities in the morning is exactly why their nickname of “The Haitian Station” started years ago. Repeated wrong video with the wrong audio or no sound at all has just made them a laughing stock. Broadcasting 101 at a junior college can give them a run for their money. When Liberty City doesn’t watch you know your in trouble.

  10. Scott should have never gone, Jen has class, and Jason was awesome. Julie has a great body but no brain, It was obvious that they couldn’t find anyone else so they chose Eric. I can’t take him seriously.

    Jacey is too perky for serious subjects, and Constance is very classy but needs some wardrobe guidance.

    ABC network is awesome with George, and Robin but our local news is struggling.
    Pretty soon if this is not fixed, I will tune my channel elsewhere until 7AM then switch to George and Robin.

  11. Can’t say I watch the morning show. Too many changes.

    I thought Jacey and Carlos were great together. I wonder if Janine will replace her. She was with Carlos on Sunday and they looked good. Better than Victor.

  12. Jennifer Correa has the jitters, most likely because she is still new to broadcasting on air. Don’t know why wplg got rid of Scott Padgett – miss him and his personality. I wish some people would lay off of Betty Davis. (side note- props to Betty adding national weather to her forecasts; love it) I liked her when she was on the whether channel back when. I really like Jenn Herrara for a long time and sad to see her go. Jacy should have given an anchor position a long time ago. Constance is my girl. Love her personality, looks, and she speaks clearly and concisely. Mj is so so, but can’t understand her when she speaks unfortunately. Now, Julie Durda, only there for ratings. Not saying that she doesn’t know her job; howeverher speech is monotonic without any inflections. I get bored listening to her.

  13. Please, WPLG, stop encouraging Constance to dress so unprofessionally. She obviously enhances her figure. And everything is so obvious with all of the tight, short, low cut clothes. It’s just really over the top. Just be a professional.

  14. Jacey is too bubbly, I agree with a previous poster. Does she not understand that delivery needs to vary depending on the content? I guess life is a show.

    Also, would like to see Neki moved out finally. Doesn’t anyone see she’s oddly starved for attention?
    I stopped watching 10 years ago.

  15. You guys like Constance? I find her the most annoying on the show. If I hear one more “Guess what, guys?? No accidents today! You can sleep in and make extra pancakes for the kids!!!” joke, I’ll go NUTS. She’s too corny. Jason and Kristie were my favorite, along with Scott for weather. I miss the original cast. Jen Herrera was okay, but Eric Yutzy seems like he’s all “forehead”. I can’t stop staring at it…seriously.

  16. I really wish Channel 10 would take a look at other news markets and work to emulate the professionalism shown in other major cities. I’m so tired of seeing cleavage and legs-it’s pathetic and only continues to undermine the credibility of the program. I know this is S. Florida, but do we really need to be forced to buy into the stereotype that everyone down here is either a bimbo or male model wanna be???? Come on Channel 10-show u some class for a change!!

  17. I thought Jen and Jason were great together! Jen and Jason were the morning Laurie and Calvin. This guy on now is all makeup. Julie is to old for the way they have her dressed. I love Laurie and Calvin. Get a clue channel 10!

  18. Jacey’s voice drills into my head in the morning. I’ve started watching another channel in the morning, just cannot stand her voice!!!

  19. I loved local 10 but your choices in changes have changed my mind , starting with the removal of Jason, Scott then Jen the best. WHY Julie? her voice is soo annoying. I could go on & on, to deaf ears . Hello NBC

  20. Omg…channel 10 you are killing me…could you have found anyone more annoying than jacey birch to replace Jen Herrera. jacey is annoying and is very ridiculous with these animals she advocates for. Go advocate for humans …,I am pretty much sure south Florida has many who needs an advocate. This woman Jacey comes on the screen, giggles over everything and insists on sharing every aspect of her life on the air….just annoying …most recently she has added poor judgment to her wardrobe. She has joined the list of professional women who feel “to get ahead boobies or butt must be hanging out”…ladies add Subtle sexy sophisticated attire to your wardrobes instead of that “skanky”tight and short fitting choices you make….there is a place for guys to see women showing body parts while performing …it’s called a strip club not a “news set”

  21. WPLG Chnl.10, won’t escape the stone ages until Michael Putney is history. That morning news lady (“J.B.”) is hateful supremacists pig. She made that obvious when she referred to the fat butter-ball actress from the movie “The Help” as being, and I’m quoting her: “she’s so cute”. That was code to her fellow pigs to think if said actress as an acceptable animal for the home.

  22. I would like to see Julie wear thongs underneath tight fitting, sheer dresses. So hot! Jacey appears innocent but I bet she’s a whirlwind in bed.

  23. These people are so cruel and rude with their comments of the Local 10 news staff!! Ever hear of manors and respect!??

  24. It is not worth watching channel 10 no more with Jengone Jason gone and all these changes its horrible, now you have a Eric Yutzy who has his head smaller than the tv and his teeth whiter than i dont know what Laurie Jennings ok but fake and Hughes a horrible anchor bring back Dwight. I will not watch channel 10 no more , And Julie Durda a puppet who loves the camera knows nothing of the weather .I WISH NEAL RODGERS WOULD HAVE STILL BEEN ALIVE HE WOULD HAVE SAID IT AT IS.

  25. I thought I saw Jen on the local CBS station WFOR. Maybe I am crazy. It was early Sunday morning. Good for channel 4.


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