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RIP Mr Awesome


I saw a story in passing about a seven-year old boy who got electrocuted when he jumped in his family’s pool. Unplugged from news cycle I didn’t pay much attention to it until I started seeing all these people posing with a drawing of someone called Mr Awesome. Who’s this Mr Awesome I thought?


Calder, it turns out is the son of Chris Sloan, the owner of 2C Media – the local broadcast design powerhouse whose work can be seen all over TV. Mr Awesome is Calder’s nickname, the picture everyone is posing with is self-portrait.

Our condolences to Chris and his family during this difficult time.

If you can, please make a donation to the foundation established in Calder’s name, Calder Jacob Sloan Legacy Fund by visiting this link https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=kBZXqqJRU1rarYGkTjODLA


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