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WTVJ Adds 4:30am Newscast

WTVJ NBC 6 South Florida

The WTVJ morning crew will be waking up even earlier starting today. Station management made permanent the 4:30 am edition of Today In South Florida effective today. The show had a two-week trial run during the Olympics.

While other markets have seen a boom in early news expansion, NBC 6 is only the second station to add a 4:30 am show, WPLG did this a while ago. WSVN somewhat responded to the trend by removing syndicated programming at 4:30 am and putting a re-run of their 11pm newscast

A shift in viewer habits is cited as the reason for such expansion, but we’ve heard from a few people that overall the ratings at all Miami stations have declined even for the morning shows.

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  1. You mention a decline in ratings, yet there is essentially no information published about news ratings in the Miami market. Ratings for other markets is easily accessible online. Why is that?

    • Been like that for years yet no one seems to have an answer. Getting sweeps ratings is like pulling teeth. The over all quality of some stations broadcasts dropped dramatically. 10 morning newscast has gone from 1st to next to last in a few short years so why would they want that decline out there but they are not alone. Watching news personalities act and speak unprofessional turns viewers off and go online.

    • AMEN very very rarely do we see the NUMBERS

      I think it is still a SECRET


  2. wow. i remember when they were the first to have a 5:30am. broadcast way back in the 90s. Look how far they’ve come.

  3. The local morning newscasts have really come a long way. From WEWS Cleveland pioneering morning show The Morning Exchange… to morning newscasts airing before network morning shows. MX’s template was a source of inspiration for ABC to replace AM America with present day Good Morning America.

    Used to be that local newscasts traditionally aired at Noon, 6PM & 11PM on most ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates… and some independent stations beginning to pioneer 10PM newscast (before Fox, UPN/WB, and CW/My-TV came along). Local morning newscasts started as 6:30-7AM, and grew over time… 6-7AM, then 5:30-7AM, 5-7AM, and now 4:30-7AM… some Fox and CW stations (New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, etc.) going live as early as 4AM.

    With WPLG and WTVJ doing 4:30AM newscasts… we still wait on WFOR to add 4:30AM newscast. I could see WSVN eventually getting 4:30AM newscast, and maybe even 4AM newscast.


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