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Did WPLG buy a bunch of Twitter followers This Week?

Social media is big, and with old media embracing it we've seen local media in particular pump their social media follower count like it's the...
Ron Beasley

Ron Beasley, Former WTVJ Reporter, Passes Away

Ron Beasley, former WTVJ reporter and long-time South Florida journalist, passed away on October 4th according to Miami's Community Newspapers. Beasley, a veteran journalist from print...

Ciao, Ciao! Irika Sargent Leaving WFOR

Those promos of Irika Sargent the last few months on WFOR? Pretend like they didn't happen. The WFOR CBS4 News anchor is barely a year...
WPTV Roxanne Stein and John Favole

Video: Roxanne Stein, John Favole Say Goodbye to WPTV Morning Show

In a somewhat strange turn of events WPTV has decided to shake up its morning news team by moving longtime anchors Roxanne Stein and John...

WPBT, WXEL Announce Merger Agreement

WPBT and WXEL announced today they have agreed to merge after more than a year of negotiations and planning. The two PBS stations, which are...