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Post Newsweek Execs: You Are “Ground Clutter”


Yes people. Post-Newsweek executives think you and your standing in the way of them buying WTVJ is the usual “ground clutter”.

This from an article today in the local Daily Business Review (reg. required):

Post-Newsweek executives say the petition filed this month with the FCC against its purchase of WTVJ, Channel 6, by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Competition and Fairness in Broadcast Journalism is nothing but the usual “ground clutter” found in such acquisitions. The executives say the sale is best for WTVJ and its viewers in what has become a saturated and rapidly changing news market.

The article also says a lot of the people involved in the opposition are WTVJ staffers! Hm, so much for yelling and threatening people with firing for talking to this blog then.

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  1. Ditto. I believe believe Miami news legends Ann Bishop and Ralph Renick would be rolling over in their graves at what has become of their respective Miami news stations. I also believe Phillip and Katherine Graham would be rolling over in their graves too.

    I very much would like to see the FCC and DOJ strike down the WTVJ sale too. Either Cox, Belo, or Local TV one be interested in acquiring ownership of the South Florida NBC station… with the ambition of WTVJ staging a big come-back.

  2. I totally agree with everyone and also hope this merger does not go thru.As for all the ground clutter local 10 may your ratings tumble come NOV. sweeps. Then we will see who’s laughing LOL LOL LOL.

  3. Demarco and Tom going to WNBC? Doubtful. If there was ever a place that was in more disarray than WTVJ it is WNBC

  4. The so called “grass roots” organization that is doing this is the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Competition and Fairness in Broadcast Journalism.

    Get this. The group won’t disclose who any of its members are. Kind of odd that a group supposedly fighting for “Competition and Fairness in Broadcast Journalism” wouldn’t at least be honest and upfront about who they are and who is involved with this shadowy group.

    Why the secrecy?
    Yes, I know some are with WTVJ. What are they going to do if they find out? Fire them? Please. The TVJ staffers are probably people who think they are owed jobs and that it is their right to be employed at WTVJ or anywhere else.

    The Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Competition and Fairness in Broadcast Journalism needs to be honest about who they are. Otherwise they have no credibility whatsoever.

    The idea that we (the community) will somehow be harmed if Ch6 no longer does news is laughable. How can a station that no one watches harm the community if it goes away? Answer that one.

    I have no horse in this race by the way. I am with a new group called the “Concerned Citizens for Stomping Out Stupidity, Vacuousness and Idiocy in TV News.” It’s a monumental task since stupidity rules on TV news, but we are up for the challenge.

  5. If I joined a group to protest something I felt strongly about (my job for example) I would be very vocal and I would attach my name. It seems a bit pointless to join a group to protest something and keep your name and support a secret. What’s the point? If you aren’t going to stand up and fight than how will you ever succeed?

    What, you think you are going to fight the Ch6 buyout/Post Newsweek bailout anonymously?

    Sounds like an organization ready for failure from the get go.


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