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Unconfirmed: Tom Doerr Out at WFOR;Position Eliminated by CBS


update: Scott from FTVLive tells us that CBS eliminated the position Tom Doerr held, VP and station manager, and there won’t be a replacement. I still think there’s a marked improvement at least in the story selection so he did something right, if CBS weren’t so stingy that studio should be tore down and replaced with something better.

We’re hearing from sources at other stations in town that Tom Doerr WFOR’s station manager and vice president has left. Doerr was brought in 2006 to help bring the station’s sagging ratings up.

We reported on February 17, 2008 that WFOR management was given a warning to improve the situation or changes will be made. The information then was that “one of them won’t be there by years end…” if things didn’t improve. Whether or not Doerr’s departure had anything to do with WFOR’s ratings we can’t confrim.

Unfortunately whoever replaces Doerr will will probably make changes, yet again, to CBS4 News.

Actually, I checked out some of their recent stories and they seem to have some very interesting, very local-oriented stories.


  1. Changes were made, they got rid of most of the staff…
    Ugly set, poor presentation, crappy on air talent, that will never change at wfor
    People come and go from working there for a reason, it’s the bottom of the toilet bowl

    • Well….
      it’s back to the drawing board.

      WFOR’s attempt at softening up it’s image made them look like wussies. While taking the steroids of journalism (sensationalism) isn’t going to get viewers talking…what will?

  2. glad he’s out the doerr
    he single-handedly turned to crap everything shannon high worked to accomplish.
    she made a name for wfor as an aggressive, breaking news & weather station. he burried it and set the station back 10 years.. they had better ratings when they were “News 4 South Florida” and those ratings stunk.
    good riddance!

  3. Tom isn’t the only station manager of a CBS O and O who has lost his job in recent weeks.
    The position has been eliminated- that is not Tom’s fault.
    Best of luck to you Tom, I’m sure you’ll land on your feet.

  4. One by one they go to WFOR and try to resurect the news product, when there was never anything wrong with it when Shannon High was the ND – It was the brain dead managers who drove it into the ground.
    Miami will NEVER be the market it once was… So why try, everyone in Miami should accept the fact that as long as they are hiring 20 somethings who no nothing about the market & journalism, it will never be respected again.
    Get rid of all the Miami managers who think they can do news with $10.00 per hour hires – What a Joke!!!
    Good Luck to all of you, grab a life raft, because you’re sinking!
    Good Luck Tom, you did nothing for your employees, all you did was turn WFOR into WPLG Jr. and even at WPLG you were a joke.
    Have a nice life!!!

  5. In 2006, WFOR4 tried to destroy everyone in its so called “mission to improve”. The statiion regressed. My family’s favorites are all gone.
    I saw that Shomari left just in time and now is doing great at KOMO News in Seattle. Doerr didn’t appreciate talent or cultural diversity. His additions, Hori and others pale in comparison.

    Shannon recruited talent from all parts and ages and developed and trained them. Her successors — Tom and company — destroyed what the local community loved about CBS.


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