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Journalist Bob Norman Moves to WPLG Local 10


Broward New Times journalist Bob Norman is moving to WPLG Local 10. Norman announced the move on his very popular New Times blog ‘The Daily Pulp’ and says he’ll continue the community and government reporting he is known for, which viewers will be able to follow online as well as on the air.

A memo from WPLG GM Bill Pohovey posted by ‘Standupkid’ notes Bob Norman’s first day at WPLG¬†is May 23, 2011 and his new blog on Local10.com will be called, aptly, ‘Bob Norman’s Blog’.


  1. Hi Bob,
    My comps are coming up the week of the 10th so I just wanted get in touch with you regarding the election and turning up the heat on Bernie. I have heard that she plans on appointing Ronnie to Vice President. When this happens they claim that the VP will be a part time position. What would be interesting would be if she loses and goes back to VP does that mean that her position is then part time and goes back to the classroom for the other part time? Just some food for thought -Leslie & Chuck Starr.


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