Get Set With Lissette: Watch WFOR Morning News, Win an Umbrella

Get Set With Lissette: Watch WFOR Morning News, Win an Umbrella


get-set-with-lisset10957901Get Set With Lissette, is the contest WFOR just launched that would award two lucky viewers daily a Get Set with Lissette umbrella. An interesting contest considering WTVJ’s giveaways.

The contest has a catch though, and might actually require viewers to not only watch the morning newscast but do some work. The catch is that viewers not only have to watch WFOR’s weekday morning broadcast between 6am and 7am but also submit a very specific photo in order to have a chance to win the umbrella. For example, during the 6am broadcast viewers would be told they must submit a picture of fireworks for next day’s drawing along with their name, address, and phone number. That’s not all, the rules state the photo must be taken by the person submitting it for the contest. So no searching Google and sending WFOR copyrighted photos since the station claims ownership of all submissions so they can broadcast them when they announce a winner.

Also, even though we are half-way trough July sweeps the contest will continue until August 30.

[CBSMiami: Get Set With Lissette rules]


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      • johny app,
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    • Dan — wrong Lissette. Lissette Gonzalez just got married herself in the spring. Jason is dating a different Lissette who also has a last name beginning with a G. Sorry.