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First Day for Michael Williams on CBS4 News


Former WSVN-er and most recently WTVJ anchor Michael Williams is back on the local airwaves as a CBS4 News member. His first day on CBS4 News is today.

WFOR has been running promos about this for a while now touting Williams’ as one of the “best known and most respected” and his experience.

According to his bio on CBS4.com he is a reporter and backup anchor for CBS4 News.


  1. I’m glad to see Michael is coming back to our TV sets. NBC6 did a big mistake to let him got. He is truly an asset to South Florida’s news.

    Congratulations WFOR for hiring such a great talent.

    Welcome back Michael.

  2. Its great to see Micahel Williams back on the air. He was a casualty of NBC 2.0 and NBC6 was stupid to let him go. Soon all the reporters who know anything about South Florida and just reporting good stories in general will be gone from NBC. The new rule now is, if you’re black or gay, you’re golden. If you’re white watch out. Don’t think for yourself at NBC6, just follow orders from managers who are running the station into the ground. Rumors are circulating that our GM is out. People are resigning before she goes. Our 11am show is produced by interns. NBC6 is lacking producers and quality reporters. I hope someoen from NBC in New York reads this. Get rid of our management. How bad do things have to get before they are replaced? Maybe the Herald can do a story about the ethics violations that managers make everyday- taking free trips, discounts all sorts of things. Maybe the Herald can do a story about the 25 plus production people who are about to be replaced by the rundown driven system that will have a computer doing everything and no thought into how news can be covered well. Someone needs to let the public knwo that NBC6 is not reporting South Florida’s story anymore.

  3. NBC6 Producer. Get real. There are plenty of NBC6 on air talent that’s not black or gay. Hopefully, you’re next on the chopping block. You don’t deserve to work at NBC. Rat.

  4. Hey Gables, I don’t know the 6 producer, but who does deserve to work there? Nespral? Neither black, nor gay, just pretty and duh!! Something has to give. By the way,let’s have some fun. WTVJ alum Alycia Lane got canned in Philly yesterday, and she has had a recent past of,er, fascinating events. Could she come back down and help TVJ dig out? Just asking…


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