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ZoomRadar; A New Weather Map on CBS4.com


WFOR has finally added one of those cool weather maps with near real time radar info to CBS4.com

CBS4's ZoomRadar Weather Map
CBS4's ZoomRadar Weather Map

CBS4 meteorologist Jeff Berardelli who apparently has some mad coding skillz created the map himself. Named ZoomRadar the new tool uses Flash and Google maps as its base and overlays near real time radar data, with rain fall rate, and severe weather warnings.

One big plus that I see about this map would be that it feels very lightweight. When it loads it doesn’t make my Firefox browser gag which even with a 8GB quad-core pc seems to be an issue at some sites with similar maps

The only negative would be that the map is a bit too narrow. It’s OK on my laptop but on the huge LCD screen it’s a bit tiny.

All in all very good and long overdue addition to the CBS4.com weather section.

Check it out.

CBS4.com video introducing ZoomRadar and more info

CBS4.com story about ZoomRadar

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  1. yeah, I liked it better when it was called “google maps”

    Jeff Berardelli should look into programing his way outta that station, before another “Zoom Layoff”

  2. All I want to do is zooma zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom. 7 does not update their weather page. They must be too busy looking in the mirror and getting artificially enhanced.


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