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they must pay him a lot or he really, really, really loves working

Wet KOMU 8 Live Shot from KOMU News on Vimeo.

/seen via @TVNewsguy’s tweet/

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  1. I give that guy props, he did a really great job with that report, just sticking to it the whole time and keeping (most of) his composure.

  2. How UNnatural of him not to reference what’s happening… and then continue with the story.
    And reading off the script off the top… awful.

  3. Sadly, this is what TV news looks like in the smaller markets. They hire talent right out of college for very low wages. The two anchors and the reporters are probably not much older than 22 or 23.

    Yes, the giggling and script reading were amateur – but this is how these young broadcasters learn. And what a great learning experience this was!

      • Here’s some info on KOMU… very telling why this scene played out the way it did… the talent was probably still in college!!

        Still… they did not do half bad.

        KOMU is in the Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri market

        The station is owned by the University of Missouri–Columbia and operated by the university’s Missouri School of Journalism, making KOMU the only commercial TV station in the US to be owned by a major university.

        The station has paid, professional staff serving as managers, engineers, sales representatives, and so on. The managers, editors and main anchors are School of Journalism faculty members. The reporters, weekend/substitute anchors, and many producers are undergraduate and graduate broadcast journalism students.

  4. The reporter did a good job staying focused under the circumstances. I’ve been reporting and anchoring for 12 years and guess what? I started in a medium size market, right out of college. It wasn’t easy. People posted mean comments on blogs when I stumbled or missed slot. Now I make 250K a year before taxes and have a 4 yr. Contract. Not bad.

    This reporter is one man banding. Give him a break. Jeez.

    • Did you stumble or mess up early on or you still do it regularly 12 years doing it? Because blogs were not around 12 years ago. 🙂


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