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Prosecutor: Shooting Spurred by WFOR’s Jim DeFede Report



According to The Miami New Times, Michael Von Zamft an assistant state attorney working on a January 23rd drive by shooting in Liberty City, in which someone opened fire with an AK-47 on a group of young men playing craps and killing two, says it’s his opinion a report by WFOR’s Jim DeFede is to blame for a second attack that happened recently.

In the story the mother of one of the two boys shot and killed openly criticised her neighbors for not coming forward with information about the January shooting. Her face and street address number were shown uncensored.

In the same story another woman who remained anonymous claimed at first she knew who killed her rapper friend, the January 23rd shooting allegedly happened as retaliation to his murder, and pointed out one of the boys as the killer but later backtracked saying she wasn’t sure.

Several days after the story aired on WFOR someone stopped in front of the mother’s home and opened fire on a group of young men standing in front, injuring five.

Michael Von Zamft told The Miami New Times he believes the second shooting was spurred by WFOR’s story because of the theory about the January shooting and because of the interview with the mother infront of her home.

On his part DeFede says his story may have contributed to the attack. His full response can be read here the police however have yet to officially link the two shootings.

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  1. Not sure I understand the criticism. So Defede did something wrong when a woman voluntarily spoke to him on camera? That is Jim’s fault? Seems to me the woman made that choice. Not Jim. I’m sorry she MAY have been put in danger but there is no real evidence that the story and the attack are connected. But that won’t stop some from trying to bash Defede and WFOR for trying to cover a story and do more than just show crime scene tape and flashing lights the night it happened.

    I’m sorry the woman lives where she does with neighbors who live in fear. But let’s be real. Whose fault is this? I think it’s all those who won’t speak up and allow this climate of fear and danger to continue. Keeping your mouth shut doesn’t do anything but let thugs and criminals continue their ways. Police and the courts can’t do anything if those involved decide to keep their mouths shut not pointing out those who have committed the crimes.

    Nope, I guess it’s easier to blame the media for a problem instead of those who are really responsible. A community that won’t do anything on their own to clean out a bad element that kills their children.

  2. Didn’t this guy’s “journalism” lead to another shooting in the Miami Herald lobby a while back? Hope he never writes about anyone I care about.

  3. Why do some of you post racist comments about blacks. I know plenty of African Americans who watch WPLG, WFOR, and WTVJ. I guess it’s easier to spread racism behind a computer screen. Coward.


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