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Julia Yarbough on TV Again, Sort of


Julia Yarbough was featured on LA NBC affiliate, KNBC about her ‘Highway to a Husband’ tour. She and her best friend, Silva Harapetian a former WDIV reporter, are traveling the country looking for mister right. Recently Julia was also on the Today Show.

And yes that is Alicia Lane, Julia’s former colleague at WTVJ, now working at KNBC. She also worked as a reporter at WSVN

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  1. i thought she had a husband and had kids i must be getting her confused with someone else from NBC6 or CBS 4 ????

    i am lost LOL

  2. Dr. Phil says

    Does anyone see the point in this? Is there anything people won’t do for attention? Does anyone believe Julia can’t find a date?

    Julia was the best thing happening at Ch6, but this whole schtick seems badly contrived. New media gone bad.

    Who would want to date a crazy person driving around the country with her girlfriend doing web cams and appearing on shows telling everyone how desperate she is for a husband?

    Want to meet someone?
    – Put your phone down (or turn it off)
    – shut off the web cam
    – close the laptop
    – tell the large girlfriend to go home and get on a diet
    – drop the act and just try talking to someone face to face

    Dr. Phil

    • Real advice.
      Well done Dr. Phil but we all know these two won’t take it.

      Sad to say these girls won’t take it. They are just looking for another way to get back on a screen. Any screen. Their life, in their eyes, is defined by them being on a screen.

      Shallow and self centered.

      But that’s not a surprise to many of us.

  3. I’m betting they are trying to get some tv series relating to this. To me someone who looks like Julia doesnt need to travel the entire country to find a guy. In Diego’s case, he would…but not Julia.

  4. My secret love is back. The reason I watched WTVJ was this great young lady. Saw her go underwater to report a story to the olympics. Great stuff, and tuff. Wish her well. Ed


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