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WFOR Debuting New Graphics Today


WFOR is debuting a new graphics package at 5pm today. I’m told it will be the new O&O package other CBS-owned stations like KCBS in Los Angelis and WBBM in Chicago received this year. Videos after the jump

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  1. Post video on YouTube. WBBM got this update a while back and it looked the worse out of all of the stations with it. Outside of the O&O group, Atlanta’s CBS station is worse. I really hope it’s as good as KCBS.

  2. The logo just keeps getting worse. They took the silly wave and melded it with the generic WBZ/KCNC/WCCO “4.” Can we get some 16:9 field video any time soon? Please?

  3. It all looks decent, but, really, ANY font but freaking ARIAL(!). That’s my biggest gripe. It does NOT have good screen presence in news graphics and I urge CBS to change it immediately, preferably to Univers or something less tacky. (IMO, Arial is even more tackier than the Times font that 4 used prior to the HD transition.)

    Logo is okay, nice to see that they kept elements of the old logo, kinda give it its own personality. I can’t complain much about that.

    Also, WFOR thankfully kept 615’s “Moving Forward” instead of dumping it for the standard Gari “CBS Enforcer” package. Don’t get me wrong, I like Enforcer, but I wouldn’t want to waste a good custom package (look at WSFL).

  4. WBZ just got an entirely different gfx pkg to WCBS/WBBM/etc. Thank God. Also, they thankfully didn’t go with Arial. Let’s hope that WBZ never uses the WCBS/WBBM gfx.

  5. Before even changing the graphics, they should have put 16:9 lenses on their field cameras, at the very least. KYW and WCBS have had 16:9 lenses on their field cameras since (I believe) 2008, or even 2007. Going from 16:9 to 4:3 looks horrible.

  6. Other than the new CBS O&O graphics seen on KCBS/KCAL and WBBM… Wonder if WFOR/WBFS will likely get the “CBS Enforcer” theme music too? Just a thought.

  7. KCBS/KCAL Los Angeles got the new CBS O&O graphics… KCBS dropped “Newstime” (formerly “Viacom V.1”) theme music, in favor of the “CBS Enforcer”… KCAL dropped “Newsforce” (formerly “Viacom V.2”), in favor of “The Image News Package”.

    WBBM Chicago got the new graphics… and trashed “Heart of our City” theme music, in favor of using “CBS Enforcer” yet again.

    Miami’s CBS-4 & my-33 got them this week. I belive WCBS New York City, KTVT/KTXA Dallas-Ft. Worth, and KCNC Denver already have the new O&O graphics as well.

    CBS O&O’s that have yet to get the new graphics… KYW/WPSG Philly, KPIX/KBCW San Francisco, WBZ/WSBK Boston, WCCO Twin Cities, KOVR/KMAX Sacramento, KDKA/WPCW Pittsburgh, and WJZ Baltimore.


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