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November sweeps, along with the hype and crazy stories is thankfully over. Until February when TV stations have to do it all over again. FTVLive dropped the 25-54 demo ratings for the Miami market for November sweeps. They might be a little difficult to decipher by those not in the biz but I think the numbers on the right are the actual rating points? Not sure what the smaller numbers mean.

No surprises. WSVN leads at 6AM closely followed by WTVJ, leaving WPLG and WFOR behind. WPLG finished first at 11pm finishing first but oddly they are not number one at 6pm which if I remember correctly used to be the time slot where they always gained viewers, and finished first.


And then the Palm Beach ratings, showing WPBF’s marked improvement from a once third place station. It’s jarring to see just how dominating WPTV is. For example, the station starts with a 5.4 household rating at 5pm, and by 6pm they’re at 9.2 which is more than double WPBF and WPEC combined! WPTV leads in every single time slot. At noon WPEC comes close though, just tenth of a point separating the two.


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  1. Guess the Bimbos didn’t work for Ch. 10…Maybe they can get the comedian to open with a 10 Stand up act every morning & have the Bimbos dress in Bikinis….Or hire more cheerleaders. What do I know

    • On the money. Numbers don’t lie. 10, “The Haitian Station” is still heading south. The ditzy girls on that morning newscast should all be let go. Trying to be funny when you are not is so annoying. The numbers would be even worse if they didn’t have the strong GMA following them. Their female anchor, Jen, talking with that stuffy valley girl attitude doesn’t help.

  2. I don’t understand how WSVN can be number 1 almost all time slots when they just repeat the same stories over and over. But I am glad the Cheerleaders failed ay WPLG.

    • #2 yes, but strong? The audiences for these local news shows are shrinking. The future is not so bright, especially in this market where the spanish language stations are strong competitors. It’s expensive to run a local TV news operation.

  3. These ratings numbers are so small; nobody’s watching local news any more.

    I’m surprised that 10 leads at 11, considering how weak ABC’s prime time schedule is.

    • You are right! These numbers are tiny. There are a lot of numbers that begin with zero. Unreal. Love to see the Spanish station’s numbers. That seems to be where everybody would be by looking at these numbers.

      WFOR and WTVJ could air color bars and get those ratings. And their ratings could be nothing more than a few shut-ins that left the TV on overnight.

      This would make me nervous if I worked at either one of these stations. It doesn’t seem like there is much room for the underperformers anymore.

  4. “They might be a little difficult to decipher by those not in the biz but I think the numbers on the right are the actual rating points? Not sure what the smaller numbers mean.”

    WHAAAAT!?!? This IS an site for industry people or people In the biz, and You’re not sure what the smaller numbers mean?!? Please tell me that is a joke, sarcasm or something! For the record: the numbers to the LEFT(the smaller ones) are the ratings points the ones on the RIGHT are the share! Jeeeez!

    • I’m not in the industry, and don’t read ratings every day. I thought it might be ratings/share too but wasn’t sure.

      Also, 2/3 of the 1000-3000 people who read the site daily are viewers who watch the news

      • That’s absurd. 1) if you don’t know what you are “reporting on” you shouldn’t be reporting on it. 2) if you are not in the industry and have no idea what rating and share represent then see #1. 3) two thirds of the 1000-3000 people?!? Your numbers must be from Nielsen as well. 4) Nielsen in the company that reports ratings and shares for TV stations and networks through out the country 5) if you didn’t know THAT also see #1.

        • I’m well aware of what rating/share are. I’ve published ratings multiple times over the last 14 years. I just didn’t know which number was which in this particular case.

          That’s all. No need to lose your shit over it.

          Worry more about re-writing AP stories and passing them off as news, and wasting our time with inane shit while your medium is dying.

          Btw using your argument the media should not report on anything they don’t understand as well. Technology comes to mind. Because they don’t understand the difference between RAM, ROM, memory and storage etc. Or really anything else.

          • How can you not know which number was which? The rating, by definition, will ALWAYS be the smaller number, and the share will ALWAYS be the bigger number.

  5. inane answer.

    haven’t “lost my shit” in the least

    Not quite sure what you are referring to in this part, not sure who you think i am, but it seems to me that this site does exactly what you are accusing others of, re-posting others stories/info (although you do seem to give credit).

    Aaaand, I concur on your final point.

  6. While of course they stand no chance of making a dent in WSVN, my guess is Silicone Valley on WPLG will be around for a while. How many years did TVJ stick with that awful Amazon-women-of-the-morning gabfest in lieu of actual news (and actual viewers)? PLG will probably take twice as long to pull the plug.

    And here’s a scary thought: how much lower will FOR go in February sweeps when Lissette Gonzalez–the only reason anybody is watching–is away on maternity leave?

    • This will be an interesting year coming up for the Miami TV market: the big 3 net o&o/affiliates may all have new GM leading the charge-
      WPLG/ABC new GM just got hired a couple of months ago
      WTVJ/NBC’s GM Manny Martinez, despite just getting the GM gig a year or so ago has recently been promoted to run all of the Telemundo O&O stations. That GM gig has just been posted yesterday.
      And with WFOR doing as poorly as they have been (forever with ratings & revenue) AND the recent allegations…the proverbial writing is on the wall for Adam Levy and his cast of characters he call managers over there. Although to another poster’s point, that they are all Corporate owned stations, this is still a major market and they want to win! Stay tuned!

  7. Can we safely say PLG is moving in the right direction?
    Hard to get a compliment round here…

    PLG morning show was not even registering months back right?
    PLG 6pm/11pm….not bad if you ask me.

    Smoking my cigar tonight folks….

    • Yes, It seems Mr Medina, new Gm at PLG, hit the ground running. Maybe not enough to effect the Nov book, but the future seems bright. Especially with a new CEO at the helm of Post Newsweek in Chicago who hired him and is going to be looking for results.

      I’ll be smoking a maduro double Ligero LFD myself! Have a great weekend all!

    • One tenth of a ratings point only deserves firing up a stogie not top shelf. Let’s call a spade a spade here.

    • There you go again, blowing smoke. 😉 I guess you could say that it’s moving in the right direction. But the overall trend in local news is not their friend. Viewership of local news is fading away.


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