1. Now that is sad news. She’s sharp, and yes, she’s beautiful, very easy on the eyes. Sorry. I will miss her. She showed a lot of huevos out during some of the storms a few years back. I predict she’ll be back in a few years, hopefully more appreciated by then.

  2. Joy is known to make a few mistakes on air, but her best moment out did those. I will miss her. Unrated i think. I think moving back to Ville is a few steps backward. Not sure why she decided to do that. Isn’t that where her fiance (should be husband by now) lives?

    Even though I know I would happen, I was looking for her too replace Maggie too. Look for somebody in this market to jump ship soon. I can just feel it.

  3. I know Joy personally and yes, she is moving back to Jax. Her other half is a cop and the drive up and down the coast has been going on for 5 yrs now. I wish Joy all the best with her handsome,hunky bald headed cop! I will also miss her X-mas parties! Good Luck Joy!

  4. I will never forget the day Joy broke the news that Art Teele had killed himself at the Herald building. Unbelievable. She was flawless that night, and many other nights at 4.

  5. Seems like WFOR is blowing their newsroom up. So many reporters and anchors have said goodbye or were told goodbye. What’s going on down there?

  6. Danielle is on maternity leave. There are rumors though that she won’t be coming back but it’s not official. If she doesn’t that means WFOR won’t have any women of color. First, Nefertiti, NOW Joy, and possibly Danielle.

  7. I just don’t see the hype about Joy…I always thought she was boring and I still think she is boring-perfect fit for Jacksonville.

  8. She left WFOR a couple of months ago. It’s rumored she plans on going to graduate school. An insider at WFOR tells me she still plans on reporting, but was looking into other ventures.

    Maii makes a good point. Without her, Joy Purdy, and Danielle Knox WFOR won’t have anyone to represent black women. We need them.

  9. Any word on why Beatriz didn’t get the main gig? It always amazes me that management decide to hire out rather than from within.

  10. To Joy
    I wish you the very best on your return to Jacksonville. As a reservist at Homestead Air Reserve Base I became a fan of Channel 4 News just by watching you. Flipping through the Channels while getting dressed for work one morning I discovered the “JOY” of Channel 4. Again good luck and when I’m in Jacksonville I will certainly Channel surf.


  11. Joy, I watched you on Ch’l 4 several years ago and I am super to have you back in Jacksonville. I will probably change my habit of watching Ch’l 4 to 12 or 5. Which ever you are on now. Welcome back girl. We are super glad to have you !

  12. I usually don’t make comments but after reading some of these I felt I had to say something. I worked with Joy for several years and I will say it was a privilege. She is a producer’s dream. She is professional, sharp, hardworking and an incredible person. I wish all talent was like Joy. She had no ego and worked her butt off no matter what story we’d through out her. We would give her an Iraq story with 10 elements and video sources and then give her a Britney goes Bald story with only a still picture and she would make them both compelling. Again, a producer’s dream! She brought style and class to WFOR and will be missed.

    The best of luck Joy!

  13. I will truly miss Joy Purdy. She was truly a “JOY” to watch and she did a lot in the community. Her smile and commitment to reporting the news with style too will be missed. Joy also spent time MCing events that benefitted non=profit organizations. Joy Purdy was more than a television personality but someone that each of us enjoyed allowing her to come into our living rooms daily. Your spark, laughter and “Tantalizing” Tuesdays will be missed. Enjoy Jacksonville, your new relationship and career!! Keep up the GREAT work.

  14. Joy was great. My mom lives in j’ville and she was sad to see Joy go and happy to see her here when she came to visit.
    But now she’s happy again Joy is back. Also why didn’t they replace Maggie with Beatrice. She was senior anchor in line for the job. I thought.

  15. Joy has left, Danielle Knox went on maternity leave and never returned, and I don’t know where Angela Rae went. I count on WFOR news especially in the morning to keep me updated and informed. I love their energy and spirit. Though I enjoy the new (and I mean entirely new compared to last year this time) morning team, where is the African American representation? Without it, WFOR may quickly begin to look a lot like WSVN.

  16. Hi Joy. Yes, I know Joy personally. She is funny, very professional and was a neighbor of mine (Hi Joy) and a friend of my daughter. I never got to see you on the news in Miami as I live in NJ (saw you on NJN news though). Enjoy being in Jacksonville with hubby. My niece lives there and I will inform her of you and I’m sure you will think you’re great!! Probably see you in June.


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