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WFOR Site Gets New Look


WFOR, and all CBS-owned-and-operated stations, had their website’s design refreshed.

The layout is pretty much the same save for a bigger header that now more prominently shows the station’s logo, a bigger search box. And the site is centered instead of aligned-left.

Sadly the video player didn’t get tweaked, same flash player as before though it sounds as if the audio was improved and it’s not as compressed anymore.

check it out


  1. Hmm, I don’t know if that’s much of a “refresh,” if you ask me. Really, as you said, the only thing that’s changed much is the header.

    I do have to question the new blue-and-silver CBS4 logo…could this be a future on-air logo as well (especially if they start broadcasting news in HD)?

  2. Another blue and chrome logo, starting to look like wscv T51

    but their site looks better…but not by much


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