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  1. sportsfreak on

    Should have promoted her to weekend morning anchor because she did a great job. Their
    weekend morning anchor now is terrible and deserves their poor ratings.

  2. I wasn’t ever thrilled with her reporting or anchoring but didn’t see her much. So I searched to see. Here is some of her work. This might explain it… http://vimeo.com/60205488. In any event, that’s the biz. Have to expect the revolving door.

      • Obviously there were technicial difficulties in one live shot and you never know what a producer is yelling in your ear while you are trying to talk. You can’t be 100% in every single live shot, but Donna is most of the time. She is a great reporter and anchor. She is very natural on camera and is a very hard worker. You can’t knock her work for a regime change and their decisions.

  3. Donna is a very good reporter, better Anchor if giving the opportunity, not her fault at all the new management wanted to go a different direction, she’ll diffidently bounce back in this business.

  4. ORLANDOTVFan on

    I watched her in the morning before my move to Orlando, she’s was great, always clear and accurate, she should come to Orlando

  5. Im not sure who Danielle was watching, or why she is making excuses. Either you are good, and you can handle those types of situations in the field, or you aren’t. No offense to Donna, I’m sure she’s a very nice person, but she is in no way qualified to be working in a top 20 market. She was way out of her league. She fumbled through every singe live shot I ever saw her do. Best of luck to her though, as she moves forward in her journey.

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