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Andre Hepkins, The Prodigal Son, Returns to WSVN


Andre Hepkins, who left WSVN in 2004 for nationally syndicated Celebrity Justice (I believe he was their New York reporter) is now back at WSVN. When CJ was canceled he stayed in NY as reporter for FOX affiliate WNYW but recently he and the station parted ways.

WSVN head mistress Alice Jacobs fired off an email to all the 7Newsies announcing his return calling him “the prodigal son” of 7News or something like that.

Celebrity Justice was hosted by another WSVN alum, Holly Herbert.

Andre Hepkins on 7News, HD, either today or Feb 18th. You are welcome.

*Why was she referring to him as the prodigal son?

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  1. Dang.
    I wanted that job badly.
    At least Andre is a good reporter, so my wait to get back to South Florida continues.

  2. I am happy to have Andre back in South Florida and more so happy to have him back at WSVN. I love him. He is hott.

  3. Andre’s a great guy with one of the most unique and hilarious laughs you’ll hear anywhere. I worked alongside him at FOX in New York, and was delighted to hear he’d be following me back to South Florida, though this time, we’ll be competitors (though friendly ones).

    Welcome back, AHep!


  4. I think Andre’s back on the 16th… and just for the record, I may have mentioned his infectious laugh, but this talk of old flames, I don’t know anything about that!



  5. Why do they say Prodigal. Doesn’t that mean resorting to wastefullness and extravagance? Doesn’t seem like a compliment.

  6. I am surprised Joywella isn;t getting in lots of trouble by his management for posting things on this site. At NBC, we have been told, if we comment on gossip sites we can be reprimanded. That’s why I don’t use my real name.

    • You all were told more than that. Haha. But the people who told you not to comment on the sale (when NBC management was really pissed at the site) got bitched at by half the newsroom about freedom of speech crap, etc, etc.


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