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Johanna Gomez, Adam Kuperstein Judges at Heat Dance Competition


The Miami Heat is hosting auditions on Sunday at the AirlinesArena for their next Heat dancers.

Adam Kuperstein, WTVJ sports anchor/reporter will be there along with WPLG reporter and former Heat dancer Johanna Gomez as part of the celebrity judge pane. They will weed out the contestants and select 40 dancers who will go on to a 4-day boot camp to better access their skills.


  1. I haven’t seen Adam Kuperstein on the weekend sports on WTVJ. The news anchor has been doing the sports (horribly) and was wondering if he too has been dismissed.

  2. Adam is still there, but is working as a news reporter too. Don’t ask me why. I expect to see Joe Rose doing the weather soon.

    • Funny, Joe is as qualified to do weather as he is sports. Ever wonder why so many tight ends go into media? Rose, Mandich, Shannon Sharpe…too many issues…not big enough to be a lineman, not fst enough to be a receiver, not bright enough for news…Howard Cosell was right about the jockocracy. It offends me when a guy like Cefalo or Bokamper honestly works at their craft, while these hacks think talking like a drunk at a bar passes for analysis.


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